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Our company is engaged in producing and trading of Stainless, Brass, Aluminum, Non-Ferrous Metal, Copper, Zinc and Hard Plastic types.



Our company has determined its long-term goals and strategy, aims to grow continuously, consciously continue its activities in accordance with its goals, believes that it has a presence in the region and the market The company strives to expand its general market experiences even more by closely monitoring and following the technological developments required by the era and related sector.



T.M.S. Brass Rod Industry and Trade. Co. sales portfolio of all aluminum plate aluminum profiles, all kinds of bar stainless steel profiles, profiles, rods, sheets types of brass rods and flat products, brass plate types, bronze plates and rods 



Our world is so small and everything is close to a key. We know that in our sector today most important value is to be honest and provide quality service. Our company only makes investments in this direction.



T.M.S. Brass Rod Industry and Trade Co. with experienced staff, highly equipped management team offers  the highest quality service with the cheapest price. Always keeps pace with the changes in the age.



Founded in 2000, T.M.S. Brass Rod Industry and Trade Co. In 2004, the indoor area was increased to 2000m2. Brass Rod Manufacturing and Sales, roll cutting and slitting units have also added to the manufacturing.



In the aluminum and stainless so called metals of the 21st century, a wide range of materials, from pipe-to-rod plates to fittings, is available. T.M.S. Brass  Rod Industry and Trade Co, Has a significant market share in the field of brass and bronze materials.



By offering certified products to the foundry and injection industry; Aluminum, ingot, zinc alloy, nickel, manganese, tin, phosphorus, etc. In addition to the materials, our company is engaged in the sale of high quality cast iron crucible




Since the beginning of the 2000s, T.M.S. has been serving the manufacturing companies working in accordance with the principle of buy on-time, produce on time, stock zero, which has become widespread throughout the world. T.M.S. Brass Rod Industry and Trade Co. is taking one step closer to its goal of being the leading METAL CENTER of the sector every day.



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